December 2, 2009

WTFO Moving HQ To LA

CHICAGO, IL -- The activist group Women Thinking From Oprah (WTFO) intends to move its Headquarters to Los Angeles by 2011, following Oprah Winfrey's plans to do the same.  This national coalition of women who think and act in accordance with Oprah boasts membership of about 4 million.

The WTFO President, Ms. Susan Clemmer of Chicago, gave a summary of the group history and mission, "We think she's great and we try to do everything she does or says.  We buy all of her Book Club books.  We watch her shows, we read O magazine - we just love her."  That love goes deeper than just watching for most members, she admits.  "Well, yeah, those of us dedicated to WTFO tend to adore her more than just regular 'fans'.  If she cries, we cry.  If she is for Obama, we're for Obama.  When she came on the show after losing all that weight, many of us were dragging wheelbarrows of animal fat around for weeks," she laughs.  "Actually, we sometimes cry for no reason at all," she adds quietly.

The group - which used to call itself Women Who Do What Oprah Says And Think Just Like She Does (WWDWOSATJLSD), but changed their name after a gentle suggestion from "O" herself - prides itself on its staying power and plans to be around for their idol, no matter what she plans to do next.  "She's our guiding star - we don't know what we'd do without her" Ms. Clemmer says with simple smile.

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