December 27, 2009

D.C. Fashion Maven Makes 2010 Predictions

WASHINGTON, DC -- Fashionista Gina "China" D'Angelo has for years correctly predicted what was going to be popular with the Washington Press Corps.  In late December of every year, she publishes her much-anticipated predictions for the next year as a list called "What's In / What's Out in DC".

It was she who correctly predicted that the Iraq War would go from "overwhelmingly popular" to "quagmire" in the press around 2004.  She spotted the trend away from the praise of "bi-partisanship" the last few years to the "bitter divides" this past year as some in government started blaming their "principles" for not helping out on health care reform.  "Disenfranchised voters" went from major stories in 2000 and 2004 to nary a peep in 2008 - again, she called it.

Reporters in Washington and many cable news anchors watch her predictions closely to make sure they are keeping up with the latest styles.  Does this scrutiny make her worry that perhaps one year she'll get it wrong?  She playfully tosses her head, "I haven't gotten it wrong yet.  To some folks it might be baffling how I'm almost always correct about this stuff, but I've noticed an overall trend that makes it easy for me to make these predictions."

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