December 22, 2009

The Adventures of Self Reliant Man


HG COMICS proudly presents their latest superhero, SELF-RELIANT MAN!
IN SRM #1, Mr. John Glat is a mild-mannered entrepreneur employing a few people at his heating and cooling business in Sloatsburg, New York.
He goes about his business, asking nothing from others and wanting just to be left alone to manage his business and live his life.  Little does he know that in Washington, two evil super-villains are plotting against him.  They want to take his resources and his freedom away and will stop at nothing to destroy him.
In a stunning moment of crisis, he decides to become SELF-RELIANT MAN and battle the forces bent on his subjection!
Will he be overcome by GOVERNMENTO's vast and powerful tentacles as they grab and crush everything they touch?
Will his stealthy, slippery enemy THE LITIGATOR overwhelm him, slowly eating away his property, time, and willpower until nothing remains?
You won't want to miss one action-packed page as SELF-RELIANT MAN decides to resist evil and fulfill his destiny!

Issue #1 is in stores November, 2009.

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