December 26, 2009

Readers Write: Spend Your Way Out of Debt

Dear Hell Gazette,

I am a longtime ACORN employee who was let go this summer after 7 years of faithful service.  I couldn't find a job and was having a hard time making ends meet.  It seems "voter registration expert" isn't something very many companies need right now.

I am writing to let other out-of-work people know about something that has helped me and may help them, too.  President Obama's bold idea that we as a nation must "spend our way out of recession" is something that I've been trying at a personal level by attempting to spend my way out of debt.

So far the results are outstanding!  I have new TVs, new appliances, 3 snowmobiles, a new car (thanks, Cash For Clunkers!), and the kids had bunches of toys under the tree this year.  It works so well that some days I almost feel like I still have a job.  I wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Obama's idea works and they should try it, too.  What is true for the country is certainly true for every household in America, too.

Clive Mively (Greenville, Maine)

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