December 3, 2009

Bill Creates New "Gov't Agency or... something"

WASHINGTON, DC -- Two of the lesser known Representatives from California are Rep. John Krupt (D-CA) and Rep. William Phoole (D-CA).  In an effort to increase their prestige within the House, they secured $200M in un-specified funding from the Committee on Appropriations and are now looking for a way to spend it.  They disagree on the particulars, but both would like to make a "new Government Agency or Program or... something."  Their proposed legislation HR3406 has a working title of "Krupt-Phoole Agency or Program to Help the Children, and get America Back on Track with the Economy."

In a recent interview, Rep. Phoole indicated his desire for a better, shorter name.  "Something like 'Getting America Back to Work' - that sounds impressive, doesn't it?" he asked rhetorically, before being interrupted by Rep. Krupt who added "But that is all about the economy.  I think we should focus on the children, since they are the country's future and need our assistance and protection - if the Government doesn't help society's most vulnerable, who will?"

While they don't agree yet on what to do with the $200 million dollars, both are convinced it will do a lot of good... for something or someone.

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