December 4, 2009

"Quadri the Lion" WH Efforts

WASHINGTON, DC - A summit, the President's 13th since taking office in January, is planned for Jan. 5, 2010 on the subject of "Really Big Numbers: What Comes After a Trillion?"  A staffer revealed the purpose of the summit with these remarks, "We feel that numbers larger than a trillion may be coming into common usage in a few years, and we don't think the public identifies yet with the concept.  People are familiar with thousands, millions, billions, and -more recently - trillions, but what numbers come after that? [Editor's note: quadrillion]  Basically, we're looking to the future of this country - we want the public to be ready."

The summit coincides with the teaming of the White House communications staff and PBS, who are creating a new animated television series for school-age children called “Quadri the Friendly Lion”.  According to the spokesperson, "the next generation is really going to need to know this."  Catchy songs are to incorporated into the programs, such as "Tyrannosaurus Debt" and the sing-along favorite "Millions, Billions, Trillions, Hey!"

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