December 22, 2009

Propaganda-mart Saves You Time

Challenge: How to get busy dictators to attend a conference on - of all things - climate change?
Solution: By using Propaganda-mart media materials, of course!

 That's right, the award-winning team at Propaganda-mart can help you with all your communication needs.
  • Need class warfare?  We can incite it!
  • Want redistribution of wealth? We're here to help!
  • Twisting facts and outright fabrication? We've got your back!
Propaganda-mart's™ work was displayed prominently in the UN Security Council Chambers for weeks before the recent Climate Change Conference, inducing participants to get involved!

Propaganda-mart's™ translation services can put your carefully crafted message into nearly any language including Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Somali, and much, much more!

Customers often ask: Can we do stealth campaigns, for those times when you don't want everyone know you are a socialist, bent on destroying the current political system and enslaving the citizenry?  Yes we can!
Different funding schemes are possible, including Ponzi.  At Propaganda-mart™, we understand that nationalizing private industry can take time.  We are willing to work with you and are open to a number of different arrangements for payment.  Financing is also available, in case you are short on cash while you wait for those evil Imperialists to make good on their commitments.
Where the customer is always left!

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