December 4, 2009

Readers Write: Mr. Circenses, Please Correct Your Bias

Dear Hell Gazette,
I am a long-time reader and admire the hard work you do at the Gazette.  However, I worry your personal biases may be present in your reporting.  I thought I would point out one small example to you, and perhaps you could examine your writing a little closer and correct this flaw.
I’ve noticed that when you (mistakenly) refer to either of our two Overseas Contingency Operations as a “war”, you never use the phrase “costly and unpopular” before the word “war”.  Nearly all of your brethren do, and I believe it is considered a standard journalistic phrase, like the practice of using stock photos.  Here are a few examples (here, here, here, here, and here) from different years, different news sources, and different subjects to help guide you.  If you’d like to see more simply do a web search for the phrase.
I suspect there are other accepted phrases that you don’t adhere to ("accepted science" and "consensus" with respect to Man-made Global Warming comes to mind) but I think you get the idea.  Otherwise, please keep up the good work!
Frank Phillips (Denver, Colorado)

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