December 19, 2009

Clown Mulls Run After Franken’s 08 Win

LUDLOW, VT – Bonzo the Clown and Sniffy the Mime could be our next Senators from Vermont and Texas, if the Association of Comic Performers (ACP) gets its way.  Following the successful bid for congress by former comic Al Franken last year, the Vermont-based organization is trying to get members to consider running for national office.

Bonzo, who used to head the “Bells, Buttons, and Horns” committee within the ACP, was tapped to lead the newly formed “Federal Elections” committee instead.  He outlined the reasons behind this unusual effort, “We don’t think the interests of Comic Performers are being taken seriously at the national level in this country.  In addition, we felt we could improve the Senate’s standing with the electorate.”  Congressional approval ratings have hovered near 20 percent for the past few years, despite efforts to improve them by redistributing wealth and increasing regulation.

So far only Bonzo and Sniffy have signed on to run in the 2010 midterm elections.  Bonzo hopes more will sign up, as the fundraising and campaigning seasons begin to ramp up.  He sees it as a chance for professional funnymen and women to serve their country and grow their comic career, “Franken is primarily known for making a mockery of something by pretending to be whatever it is, but acting in a buffoonish, ridiculous way.  Playing a therapy-addicted therapist, for example.  As a US Senator, he’s doing some of his best farcical work right now.”

When asked about his prospects and the rumors that powerful forces throughout the country are opposing his bid, Bonzo's painted-on smile droops a little, “I guess some folks think we have enough clowns in government already.”

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