December 2, 2009

After 60 Years, Candy Bombers Brought to Justice

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS -- The International Criminal Court announced today it will proceed with a trial of the remaining "Candy Bombers".  The bombing campaign of Berlin civilians from 1949-1951 by the US is considered a crime against humanity by the UN Security Council.
“Today marks justice for the citizens of Berlin and their Soviet peacekeepers, both of whom suffered under this terrible act.” Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said today in a prepared statement.  The 4 suspects that remain alive are being held in The Hague as they await trial.  The pilots were members of the team that perpetrated Operation Little Vittles, an especially gruesome part of the bombing campaign that specifically targeted children.  The ring-leader died in 1983, before international legal wrangling was completed to allow him to be brought to trial.  The US has acknowledged that while it never officially sanctioned Operation Little Vittles, the attacks were given tacit approval.
Mr. Ki-moon finished his statement with words intended to provide comfort to the victims, “Some say the UN is a large, corrupt body.  Some say we are a huge waste of money and ineffectual.  Today we are proving to the world that we are not ineffectual.”

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