December 22, 2009

Missing Constitutional Rights Found

WASHINGTON, DC -- Janitors at the Library of Congress have discovered text originally intended to be included in the US Bill of Rights, but misplaced in 1789.  These documents eerily presage some modern arguments for additional privileges guaranteed by the Constitution.

In faded parchment apparently lost by a courier, several rights beyond the famous ten were envisaged.  The rights are continued starting at thirteen because of two failed amendments that were not included in the final Bill of Rights.
  • Travelers Rights "Article the Thirteenth... No person undertaking travel shall be unduly inconvenienced or kept within the confines of coach or buggy whilst bills of lading or other administrative duties are executed, lest such persons shall become hungry or peevish."
  • Patients Rights "Article the Fourteenth.... No person shall be made to pay more than a reasonable amount for services regarding one's health and welfare, or if indigent to pay nothing at all; no person shall be denied services for any general or acute ailment, regardless of personal liability due to neglect or ill-advised personal habits; no person shall be made to feel embarrassment from any physician as a result of interview or examination."
  • Welfare Rights "Article the Fifteenth.... No person shall be lacking in housing, means of communication, entertainment, food, or discretionary funds as long as the general body of citizenry are able to provide means to enable these furnishings; and by so transferring the fruits of labor from one to another shall the further equity of all be recompensed."
  • Unemployment Rights "Article the Sixteenth.. If a person desires to work but lacks either initiative or attitude to secure such employment, Congress shall ensure education, transportation and funds be provided to such persons by their neighbors."
  • Right to No Offense "Article the Seventeenth..... No person shall be made to hear utterances or statements that they shall find offensive, unless they are intended to demean or dishonor a particular religious establishment."
Historians have long puzzled over correspondence between several of the Founding Fathers which alludes to additional "lost" rights, and this discovery appears to solve the mystery.  Other letters which were found in the basement of the Library of Congress indicate that a messenger lost the second sheet sent to a printer to create copies for each state, pending ratification.  The embryonic and minimally staffed government was too exhausted to try to recreate the second sheet and decided to only send the rights listed on the first page.  Thomas Jefferson's forthright note to the printing house makes this intent clear, "The ten rights enumerated in the first page shall suffice as the populace requires nothing more, nor the government in truths should supply."

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  1. Hell's Gate & The Light Of Deception.

    In retrospect and summary review, the transformations and innovations spoken of, primarily occurred during and shortly after periods of man created emergencies. Historically speaking, it begins with the Lincoln administration, economic emergency, war powers, war prize, booty, and ultimately in subjugation that all played a heavy handed role at that time. Add radical members to the judiciary, such as occurred during the Lincoln and later F.D. Roosevelt administrations, and the magic of hell's gate opens wide to suck up and swallow all within its indiscriminate vacuum like grope.

    Although the vacuous vacuum is observable to those with a smidgeon of common sense and a smattering of historical hindsight, the actual sound of that extraordinary power only becomes audible when and after the "switch and ditch" actually occurs. By this is meant that the "switch" to emergency rule, or more properly speaking, "rule of necessity", leads the actors to "ditch" and abandon fundamental principles, long recognized maxims, and reason, the soul of the law. "Pretext" (edict) then leads the actor(s) to expand omnidirectional and omnipotent powers with a secondary view to extending special favors, rights, lefts, ups and downs to special interest groups who also have notions of need that are fueled by the expediency of the moment and the passions of the day.

    The extraordinary use of expedient powers and the receipt of beneficial privileges is of course intoxicating, like the lust to make things equal that were not equal before the "rule of necessity" flipped the switch on the vacuous vacuum. That intoxication becomes entrenched and a primary fixation for both the actor(s) and the special beneficiaries who find the light at the end of that tunnel to be attractive and its warmth to be comforting. Unfortunately, they are looking down into an abyss and the light is that of a flame that burns the essential limbs off from those moths and insect that come within its reach. The ashen wings float up with the heat from the flame and the carcasses falls to the bottom of the abyss in lifeless form were the remains decomposes into dirt. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust - THE END.