December 16, 2009

Obama Chosen as NFL MVP

NEW YORK CITY, NY - The Associated Press has chosen Barrack Obama as its National Football League Most Valuable Player for 2009.  The choice was made shortly after release of the NFL PLAY 60 advertisement in November.  This television commercial features the current US President catching passes from NFL players to convince children to watch less television, with the exception of NFL games.

The press release following the MVP announcement stated "AP believes he will be the best defensive and offensive contributor in the world when he does join the NFL."  The move shocked the President, who humbly stated he was happy to receive the award and would place it next to the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize he recently accepted.


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  2. Against such a carefully reasoned and well-stated argument there can be no rebuttal. Brings to mind the intellectual clashes between Hamilton and Jefferson, or perhaps the Lincoln-Douglas debates.