December 8, 2009

Trees Stage Protest at Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – A group calling itself “Trees for Air Content Justice” is staging a counter-protest at the climate change conference this week.  A spokestree for the group said they organized “to speak out against the damage caused by you humans trying to limit the amount of CO2 you produce.”  It said trees have been protesting by falling, unnoticed, in forests for years, but they’ve come to the conclusion that they need to “start playing the game the right way if we want to get something done.”

In addition to protesting, they also intend to file lawsuits on “behalf of flora everywhere” to reverse a recent EPA decision to control CO2.  Shaking its leaves reproachfully, it said “We were here long before you hairy little things appeared and we’ll be here long after you’re gone.  What gives you the right to think you can or should regulate the very air we breathe?”

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