December 24, 2009

Sen. Boxer Spearheads New Whistleblower Policy

WASHINGTON, DC -- During the Enron scandal, Senator Barbara Boxer was as vocal as any that whistleblowers should be protected and those that destroy evidence should be punished.  In a remarkable change of heart, however, she now feels it is the government's responsibility to investigate those that blow the whistle on corruption and dishonest behavior.  The move echoes established policy in some major world powers.

Senator Boxer has called for an investigation and possible prosecution of the turncoat who released the emails and software source code from University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, which proves the group destroyed raw data and falsified climate change findings.  Media outlets have occasionally called this theft of information from a respected research organization "Climate-gate", when they have time to report about it.

"We just got the whole concept wrong - whistleblowers are the ones who should be punished.  Organizations that try to defraud or deceive the public are the ones who should be protected - they are the victims here.  That is why I'm going to call for the repeal of SarbOx", she said, referring to the Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory bill that was passed after accounting firm Arthur Andersen was found to have shredded proof of wrong-doing at Enron corporation.  This legislation added a complex and costly regulatory burden to all US companies but has successfully kept financial markets honest and the US economy strong since its passage in 2002.


  1. Lucky for you, P.E., that you didn't call her ma'am. She is currently working with Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, and former White House Communistications Director Anita Dunn and on a little bill that she calls Boxer-Dunn-Crapo, that will hold offenders criminally and civilly liable for not calling her 'Senator'. Unless, of course, she offends you first.

  2. I hadn't heard of that bill, but I like the name - it's catchy! As for calling her "ma'am", I can think of much more offensive names than that...

  3. So can this guy...

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  4. What an arrogance dunce. Uh, sorry: I mean, she is an inspiration to me.