December 8, 2009

"Global Warming" Revelations Drive New Equipment Design

NEW YORK CITY, NY -- The National Hockey League is revising a piece of standard equipment, based on the revelation that the "hockey stick" curve used to describe Man-made Global Warming is a fraud.  The league is still finalizing the design of the new stick requirements, but has provided several prototypes which teams and players are trying out.

A spokesman talked about the issue and why the changes are being looked at, "We've been unwittingly associated with the Global Warming folks since that Al Gore movie-thing came out.  We'd at least like to be associated with what is true, however inconvenient it may be."

Controversy still remains, however, as most players are resisting the new stick design.  A player who asked not to be named said, "The old stick might have been hogwash when it comes to Global Warming, but it sure worked for hockey."

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