February 18, 2010

Readers Write: Stop Linking Political Opinions to Violence

Dear Hell Gazette,

I'm fed up with you and the rest of the main stream media. Please stop connecting people that commit senseless murders to whatever political ideology they happen to possess. There are some people out there that are prone to violence and feel it is ok to kill someone else. They use their beliefs as justification to harm innocent people - that is it.

Take James von Brunn, last year's "Holocaust Museum shooter", as an example. You guys were all over the airways and on the internet proclaiming immediately that the guy was a "right winger" and blaming Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the rest for inciting him to commit cold-blooded murder.

When Scott Roeder killed a doctor in Wichita, Kansas, his political views against abortion were the only thing that made the story national news.

This past week we have the University of Alabama shooter, Amy Bishop, whose far-left political views were immediately brought to light. Now I can't open up a newspaper without "Left-Wing Extremist Kills 3" being splashed all over the front page. Read any news account of the shooting and you'll find her political views in the first paragraph, just like accounts of Roeder and von Brunn.  Next, I suppose you'll be linking left-wing extremism to the hate-filled rants of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

Memo to 4th estate: Please stop! In this country, people are still allowed to believe whatever they like. I guarantee there are people out there who believe things that you find utterly reprehensible. That, sir, is life. As a journalist, your job is to find and report the facts, not push your wacky conspiracy theories about people with whom you disagree.

Unfortunately, people murder others every day all over the world for a variety of reasons. Murdering someone is a crime and these folks will be caught and punished. You fools in the press defame lots of honest people by implying that their political views are the cause of violence.

Conrad Puccini (Merna, NE)

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  1. Von Brunn very likely did not shoot anybody. Read the details--