February 26, 2010

Ralph Nader is The Bachelor


Don't miss the 15th season of The Bachelor this September, 2010.
This season's bachelor is the popular sex symbol Ralph Nader.

This time around, the show is called "The Bachelor: For Love and Money" and involves Mr. Nader - a well-known consumer advocate, author, and professional "distant third" presidential candidate - going on dates with his prospective spousal choices and putting them through grueling challenges in order to find his true love.*

Contestants will be judged on their performance as they:
  • Proofread and critique his upcoming report about Toyota and Honda quality issues entitled "Unsafe at any MPG."
  • Attend a rally with him against President Obama's Nuclear energy plans.
  • Help him choose topics for lawsuits against large companies - this may involve some undercover work.
Mr. Nader has demanded that consumers be allowed to decide the winner, and the show will therefore be changing format.  A toll-free hotline will be established during the last episode so the  0.56% of the electorate that voted for Mr. Nader can now vote for his potential spouse.
Catch all the heart-pounding action this Fall on ABC!
*Mr. Nader would like to note that this show is in no way a binding offer of marriage to any party, including the winning contestant, and in the unlikely case of an actual marriage proposal, a pre-nuptial agreement will be a requirement.

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