February 4, 2010

Readers write: My Husband Loves His Teleprompter More Than Me

Dear Mr. Circenses,

My husband is a politician, lawyer, and former community organizer. He currently holds a pretty high federal office. Our two daughters and I understand that his career is demanding, and he is often traveling and speaking publicly to - in his words - "sell stuff to people who don't realize they want it."  However, I've recently come to suspect that he is seeing someone - or 'something' - else, and doesn't care for me the way he once did.

For years he has had a very close professional relationship with his Teleprompter. The Teleprompter and I have always been cordial to one another, but I do notice that he acts different when it's around.  Whenever I see him without it, which is rare, I find he is less focused, he stammers - he's just more distant. Many of our friends say it brings out the best in him, but I don't know that I agree.

The other night he came home with some sort of grease on his collar. I also caught him late one night sending provocative facebook messages to someone named "TOTUS." I want to know, am I just being paranoid or is this something I should be concerned about?

Distressed in DC

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