January 31, 2010

Biggest Loser: Capital Edition

NEW YORK CITY, NY -- Americans can now watch bloated legislative bills compete as they slim down with the premier of Biggest Loser: Capital Edition.  The show, which was originally going to be broadcast on CSPAN, will premier instead on NBC in Fall 2010.

The show is hosted by the venerable US Constitution, which although more than 200 years old still weighs in at a svelte 4 pages, and will feature proposed legislation competing in a race to "lose the pages."  The initial season includes several well-known contestants including "Cap and Trade" (900+ pages) and "Socialized Health Care" (2000+ pages).

A spokesman for NBC said "All of America  will be cheering these hard-working contestants on as they try to get more compact, trimming off pages and pages of fat during the course of the season.  Hopefully, this will inspire the next generation of bills to cultivate good governing habits from the outset, rather than trying to play catchup after they've grown to an unwieldy and unhealthy size."

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