January 8, 2010

Congress Repeals Law of Supply and Demand

WASHINGTON, DC -- Congress plans to continue the task of dismantling economics regulations by repealing "broken legislation" such as the Law of Supply and Demand and the Law of Diminishing Returns in an attempt to get the US economy growing again.

Leaders of the House and Senate met this week to discuss how best to proceed with the work of ridding the US of "laws based on a flawed view of human nature."  A staffer for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke with journalists this morning about the plans for 2010 "A lot of these laws are based on principles from a really old book by some guy named Adam Smith.  Our country has operated on these principles, more or less, for the last 200 years.  We've steadily been been rolling them back and made a lot of progress in the 1930s and 1970s, but every few election cycles we lose a little ground which then has to be made up.  With the current control we have in all branches of federal government, this is an excellent chance to really move away from this whole 'free market' idea."

The staffer went on  to explain how the world is now in agreement that the best system is one based on a large, benevolent government which decides how all markets should operate "for the good of all."  After citing many economists that support this view and use government grants to write papers proving it, he continued "People should think of the government as a big bear.  That is, a cuddly, friendly teddy-bear type creature."  He added hastily, "With teeth and claws, of course."

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