January 19, 2010

Bush "Pre-Blamed" for Possible Loss of Kennedy Senate Seat

BOSTON, MA -- Former US President Bush has been blamed for an anticipated Senate seat loss by candidate Martha Coakley's staff as voting continued in this important election.  A tired election worker stated "Like everything else that has gone wrong in the last decade or so, this calamity can be traced back to the last occupant of the White House.  I can't even say his name I despise him so much."

The campaign worker also implicated journalistic outlets in the potential tragedy.  "They've been digging into Martha's past work as a prosecutor and all sorts of stuff," he scoffed, "as if how she has acted in the past is any indication of her character or how she'll act as a Senator."  He went on to cite heavy reporting of the campaign's hip-checking of reporters and verbal gaffes.  "Senator Kennedy never got this kind of scrutiny" he said indignantly.

The race in Massachusetts has generated national interest and been cast by some as a referendum on President Obama's leadership of the country.  In an attempt to counteract "Bush's continued attempts to defeat me", the President himself campaigned recently on Coakley's behalf.  In addition, he has loaned campaign workers and reportedly allowed her to use his lucky Teleprompter.

The race is still undecided at this time, with polls closing at 8pm (Eastern) today and legal challenges continuing into late summer.
UPDATE: Brown wins election!

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