January 15, 2010

Code Pink Protests US Military Presence in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- Code Pink activist Jennifer "JenJen" Nichols is hoarse after screaming "NO US MILITARY IN HAITI" for 3 hours straight at soldiers this morning, in a city devastated by a massive earthquake.  President Obama has pledged $100M, at least 6000 Soldiers and Marines, and a small fleet of Navy Vessels to help this poor island nation deal with the catastrophe.  It is the last two parts of that pledge that brought 14 Code Pink protestors here.

Moonbeam Sunshine, born Amy Edwards, is the leader of the small group and gave this statement while sipping a latte, "We oppose the US Military in Iraq.  We oppose it in Afghanistan.  We oppose it anywhere it goes."  Her small group of supporters cheered loudly as she finished in a crescendo, while shaking her fist "We just oppose, oppose, oppose!"

Ms. Sunshine went on to explain how this trip "is so much better than our Hamas support trip to Gaza.  The food is better, and we're able to see more of the city's night life."

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