January 4, 2010

Baby New Year Blames Predecessor

NEW YORK, NY -- In a sometimes rambling facebook rant, Baby New Year 2010 indicated she would not accept responsibility for "all of the problems from 2009."  New Years don't typically criticize the outgoing year, out of respect for the often much older looking year.

The facebook post indicated that "09 is the cause of the probs [sic] - dont [sic] look here cause [sic] u [sic] wont [sic] see me yo [sic]".  Twitter entries made days after the posting dispel the rumor that Baby New Year 2010 - who apparently prefers to be called BNY10 - accidentally sent the original post or wasn't clear-minded when it was written.  The facebook post listed several things it feels will cause problems in 2010: "makin [sic] nice wit [sic] fascists / makin [sic] folks buy hc [editor's note: this probably refers to health care] / putting terrorists on trial in ny / unemployment @ 10 / the list goes on"

2009 has been contacted by the Hell Gazette, but declined to comment on the incident.

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