January 14, 2010

Iranian Game Shows Brought to US

NEW YORK CITY, NY – NBC Universal announced today it will be bringing popular Iranian game shows to the US, including such hits as “Lose the Point / Lose a Hand!” and “The Price of the Wife is Right.”  NBC said they would launch a new channel called “Game Shozeera” to air the shows during the day and compete with “the tired old fare we usually see.”

The shows, which are completely in Arabic, will be subtitled in English for the US market.   European affiliates would receive dubbed versions for the handful of non-Arabic languages still spoken there.
Journalists were given an advanced screening of “Islamic Jeopardy”, which featured categories such as “90’s Fatwas” and “Famous Mohammeds.”
A representative also discussed starting a channel for Saudi Arabian reality shows, which are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle Eastern region as well.  NBC is reportedly nearing a deal on “Wives Swap”, in which prosperous Muslim males swap some or all of their wives.

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