April 27, 2010

UPDATE: Islam NOT Offended by Cartoon

Editor's note: The following article has been updated with breaking news, noted throughout by bold and strike-through text as an aid for readers who may have read the previous version of the article, which was released before final editing.
NEW YORK CITY, NY -- The religion of Islam has not been offended for the fourth time in recent decades, as Comedy Central's hit show South Park will show a cartoon depiction of Mohammed allow characters in the show to talk about Mohammed air a new episode that was originally to contain something that might have referenced Mohammed.

This would have marked marks the fourth time that Islam has been offended since the 1970s, the previous being the novel The Satanic Verses, the movie Submission, and a political cartoon depicting Mohammed shown with a bomb in his turban.  All previous offenses resulted in the murder or attempted murder of the offenders.

The edgy controversial adult cartoon South Park previously agreed to self-censor itself in 2006 by not showing Mohammed's cartoon image as originally planned. This time, again however, the show's creators prevailed and Comedy Central bravely decided declined to allow Mohammed to be discussed on the show as a part of an organized religion "three-fer" insult.  During the episode, Christianity is insulted, then Buddhism, then Islam in a comedic triple-play double-play.

Free speech enthusiasts throughout the United States and around the world applauded the courage of the network to stand up to bullying by free speech enthusiasts Islamists, and noted that this could be the start of a change in Western popular culture, which currently treats Islam differently when it comes to censorship by giving in to all threats. Award-winning journalist Jon Stewart, also of Comedy Central, noted with pride "this is similar to Winston Churchill finally standing up to the Nazis during World War II - I am proud to be a part of this network." "This is similar to how Neville Chamberlain wisely chose to allow Nazi Germany a few limited concessions prior to World War II, which nearly spared the world a horrific war.  I am proud to be a part of this network."

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