April 23, 2010

Palin-phobia Is a Real Disease

Dear Mr. Circenses,

I want to alert the general public about an epidemic that is afflicting this nation.   Your Hell Gazette seems a suitable venue for this warning.  Your readers are generally smarter and better-informed than the average citizen, and I'm hoping they than help me spread the word about this disease before it is too late.
 The disease I refer to is called "Palin-phobia."  It is the fear and loathing of anything having to with Sarah Palin.  The symptoms of this disease are a strong urge to write and say irrational things when you even hear her name mentioned.  If you read any article about her, you will see the afflicted writing comments about the story that don't make sense, and are usually just a clumsy attack against her intelligence.

I've been studying the disease since late 2008 and have determined that the primary symptom above is often accompanied by feelings of paranoia and isolation.  It seems to be closely related to the disease I wrote about several years back called "Foxnews-phobia."  At this time, I know of no cure and both diseases are quite serious, often resulting in dementia and the loss of most cognitive ability.

If enough folks begin to recognize it as a medical condition, perhaps we can go beyond just laughing at the afflicted and actually finding effective treatments for those that can still be saved.

Gregory L. Remington, MD

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