April 5, 2010

CBO To Take Magic Show on the Road

WASHINGTON, DC -- After the Congressional Budget Office's amazing trick last month of showing that health care reform is actually going to reduce the deficit by $1.3 trillion in 20 years, they have decided to take their magic show on the road and may be appearing in a town near you soon.  So far, the show called "Barack Obama's Greatest Magic Show on Earth" has booked venues in at least 7 major cities around the country and plans are being made to add at least 12 more, with the eventual goal of playing in "all 57 states."

The idea behind the show started when the CBO estimates for the cost of Socialized Health Care showed - after a brief drum roll - that the program would actually reduce the deficit, instead of adding hundreds of billions to it as every other large government entitlement program has done.  This performance caused such amazement and delight from taxpayers around the nation, that the President decided everyone should have the opportunity to see the show live "under the big tent, where folks can really appreciate it."

The show involves a high-wire act by the President himself, trained animals jumping through the "hoop of flaming greenbacks", music, dancing, and a general circus-like spectacle. Congress will be supplying plenty of clowns for comic relief.  The highlight of the show will be the CBO's magic act, where they will create billions of dollars out of thin air and other impossible feats.

Another crowd favorite is where the President picks one "rich guy" from the audience, asks to see his wallet, then makes all the money inside vanish without a trace.

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