April 16, 2010

Anti-Tea Party Teacher Came From Long Line of Anti-Freedom Activists

BEAVERTON, OR -- Middle school teacher and anti-Tea Party infiltrator Jason Levin is descendant from a long, proud line of "freedom haters" say friends. Levin has generated national fame because of his website, which encourages fellow activists to try to embarrass and disrupt the "Tea Party" movement.

"He said he really hated that Tea Party people were taking the time and energy to be heard and present their political views. He said it was the duty of citizens to try to silence peaceable assembly and free expression by any means possible: subterfuge, lying, deception, whatever," said an acquaintance of Mr. Levin, who asked not be named out of fear of retaliation. "He kept going on and on about how Tea Partiers shouldn't be allowed to carry signs, chant things, and stand up for what they believe in - only aggrieved minorities had that right. I tried to point out - politely, of course, as he is the type that will key your car in the middle of the night - that these were concerned taxpayers.  Since people who actually pay federal taxes are now a minority in this country, shouldn't they be allowed to have their opinions?  He said no way."

The Hell Gazette has determined that Mr. Levin is a direct descendant of at least two other historical anti-freedom agitators. The first was a devoted Tory named Thaddeus Levin, who lived during the American Revolution and tried to infiltrate the original Boston Tea Party group and prevent or disrupt the gathering. He was discovered and run out of town, according to newspapers accounts.

The second was John Levin who joined the Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963 with the intent to embarrass the organizers by wearing blackface and carrying a sign with the deliberately misspelled message "We Needs Mo Freedum."  He was turned away from the march once the plans were discovered.

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