April 26, 2010

AZ Law Makes Illegal Acts "More Illegal"

Phoenix, AZ -- The Arizona legislature decided two weeks ago to make it illegal to enter the US illegally.  The new laws are intended to enforce the laws which already exist in this country making it illegal to cross the Federal border from other countries without following the proper channels.  It is estimated that millions of Mexican citizens have entered this country illegally over the past 10 years, presenting a growing burden of entitlements and social services, as well increasing the crime problem in various southern parts of the country.

The Arizona measure was met with two opposing protests.  The new enforcement policies are strongly supported by the group "Legal Immigrants for Border Enforcement" which consists of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants that entered this country from India, China, Poland, and about thirty other countries.  A member of the group had strong opinions about the Arizona laws and expressed them forcefully "All of us came here with respect for our new country - the nation of freedom, justice, and opportunity.  We learned the language of our new land, and followed the sometimes painful immigration laws to the letter.  For nearly all of us, that meant years on waiting lists, appointments and interviews with immigration officials and often thousands of dollars spent on consultations with immigrations lawyers. It is wrong that folks from other countries think it is ok to walk in and then expect Americans like us to not be angry about it."

The second group called itself "Immigrants Against Racist and Unjust Gringo Policy."  An unofficial IARUGP spokesperson stated "These laws are unjust and racist. The reason we left Mexico is because drug cartels are taking over there.  There is no rule of law, there is no order and people just do what they want without regard to anyone else.  Killings, robbery, kidnappings - you name it. So we come here to this racist, unjust country and we see a different world.  We like that everyone else here obeys the law.  Our first act on arriving here is to disobey the laws against entering the country. Then many of us work illegally or try to get forged paperwork and get on welfare.  We love this unjust, racist country!"

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