March 30, 2010

Militia Hoped for Sweet Professorships like 1960s Revolutionaries

WHEATLAND TOWNSHIP, MI -- Early interviews with an armed anti-government group calling itself the Hutaree indicate members were hoping to eventually become "important and respected University Professors" by killing law enforcement personnel and then spending years on the run, like many members of 1960s-era Marxist organizations.

"Folks like Weathermen, Black Panthers, and lots of others - these guys and gals murdered people in the 60s, but never had to pay for their crimes. In fact, most are now revered for their violent behavior years ago and teach our impressionable young college students about history and morality.  We want that kind of influence - the kind that can only come from fighting The Man," one of the members stated, with a lawyer present.

The difficulty may be that thes Hutaree don't have the rich parents that most of the 1960s revolutionary terrorists had.  The members of the group have had to make a living while fulfilling their dreams of violent overthrow of the US Government.  This lack of funds and useful contacts throughout the country may have lead to the arrest and apparent dismantlement of the group.

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