March 10, 2010

Black Barbie Alleges Racial Discrimination

EUNICE, LA - Black Barbie has filed suit against 8-year-old Melissa Jenkins of Louisiana, alleging racial discrimination. Black Barbie’s lawyer stated “Melissa paid only $3.00 for Ms. Black Barbie, which severely undervalues her efforts. At the same time, she purchased White Barbie for $5.93.” The suit seeks to recover $2.93 for lost wages and $3.6M for “pain, suffering, and emotional damage.”

Ms. Black Barbie held an emotional press conference with long-time boyfriend Black Ken and provided details of her experience of being purchased along with White Barbie and receiving nearly half the pay of her non-minority counterpart. “We are both doing the same work – having our hair done, getting dressed up for social events, occasionally getting chewed on by the dog – yet here I was making a lot less than WB [White Barbie].  It’s just not fair.” The interview ended in sobs as Ms. Black Barbie exclaimed “she bought us both at the same time and used to call us Ms. Salt and Mrs. Pepper – it was humiliating.”

The Jenkins family was not available for comment.

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