March 16, 2010

Taxpayers Dedicate Roads to 111th Congress

TROY, MI -- "Crooks Road" in Michigan may soon be called "Crooks Road / 111th Congress Freeway" as mobs of taxpayers have requested the name change to honor the impressive achievements of the 2009-10 session of Congress.

It is common practice throughout the nation to name roads after groups or individuals that have received widspread support and admiration, such as The Korean War Veterans Expressway and the Walter Reuther Expressway.

This trend is being seen around the country as the people have risen up in support of Congressional proposals such as Socialized Health Care and Carbon Regulation.  Citizens have been especially impressed with the legislature's use of unusual and unprecedented methods to get these popular bills passed, such as not reading bills before voting on them and creatively stretching the boundaries of reconciliation and other parliamentary proceedings.  Polls have shown that people support bypassing centuries-old legislative proceedings, if it can be contrived as being for "the common good" or "the poor."

Grateful taxpayers are currently filling out paperwork to change Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah, to Lying Senators Lane.  Work is also nearly completed to change West Park Boulevard in Plano, Texas, to be Corrupt Politician Road.

The President will receive similar honors if activists in Washington, DC, are successful in getting Pennsylvania Avenue changed to King's Road.