March 17, 2010

Dirty House? Try 10th Amendment Cleanser

Is your congress clogged with scum and refuse?
Is a thick layer of regulation and laws keeping you from enjoying your freedom?
Do you find yourself scrubbing and scrubbing but getting nowhere?
Throw away all those other cleansers and restore your liberty with
10th Amendment Cleanser

10th Amendment's proven formula works by removing the power that dirty politicians feed on. Starved of power, they'll go back to selling used cars or chasing ambulances. Once this top layer of disgusting buildup is gone, you'll also be rid of the parasites and sycophants that breed where ever dirty politicians are found.  As an added bonus, you'll save thousands a year in taxes!

From the Halls of Power to the Lincoln Bedroom, 10th Amendment Cleanser is the only thing GUARANTEED to remove the slimy stuff that is oozing from every fixture in your Government.

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