November 20, 2009

WH Announces “Policy Test Drive” Powers

WASHINGTON, DC-- The White House exercised its recently revealed power of media control by announcing a new and unprecedented executive ability: the right to retract policies and official statements within 5 days of release.  The White House Communications Director, who likened it to the "5 second rule", said it would reduce backlash and controversy over policies and statements and generally "...improve moral in this country".

The mechanisms of enforcement aren't clear, but it is apparent the White House now reserves the right to not only retract the offensive statements, but news organizations are required to expunge all records of them and individual citizens are encouraged to act as if they never happened.

It is expected that Vice President Joseph Biden's staff will make the most use of this new executive power, and has already invoked it 7 times since the announcement was made this morning.

Most media outlets indicated it would have little impact on their coverage of the current administration.

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