November 21, 2009

New Release: Jihad Warrior

You are a member of a ragtag band of fighters who don't follow the Geneva Conventions for treatment of prisoners.
You don't wear a uniform and hide among civilians.
You are a cowardly zealot.
You are... Jihad Warrior

Red Burqa Games is pleased to announce their newest real time strategy game Jihad WarriorYour aim is to enslave the human race using any means possible.
  • Recruit suicide bombers from the hopeless and mentally ill
  • Build support in villages through murder and torture of civilians
  • Establish a fifth column in well-meaning but ignorant democracies
  • Try for the ultimate goal of Chemical, Nuclear or Biological weapons

Jihad Warrior: are you up to the challenge?
...72 virgins are waiting for your reply.

Scheduled for release during Ramadan, 2010.


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