November 29, 2009

The President's New Clothes

WASHINGTON, DC -- Barack Obama's tailor may not be working out.  When the President starting campaigning for the job in 2008, he got himself a new tailor, Main Stream Mending and Haberdashery (MSM), with shops in New York and Los Angeles.  Everyone said the work they did made him look magnificent.  People lined the streets and cheered him.  Massive crowds attended his speeches.  Commentator's legs tingled when he spoke.

However, now 10 months into the job, the clothes that everyone marveled about might be starting to look a little threadbare.  Some talk radio hosts are even suggesting that there was never really anything there to begin with.

The folks at MSM are unfazed - perhaps even defiant.  According to a spokesperson, "We don't care what people are saying.  Our job is to make him look good and that is what we intend to keep doing - no matter what."

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