May 28, 2010

NYT Files FOIA Request for President's Golf Scores

OAK BLUFFS, MA -- Despite promises to be the most "open and transparent" administration in history during the campaign, the Obama administration has not been allowing reporters near the President when he is golfing.  Wild speculation about his scores and scorekeeping has been keeping world economies jittery for the past 15 months or so.

The New York Times finally decided to file a Freedom of Information Act request on behalf of "concerned world citizens everywhere" to get the White House to release all of the Presidents golf scores since entering
office in January, 2009.

"'We The People' need to know," said a lawyer representing the New York Times.  "It is about accountability and also about honesty - how can we trust a person if we don't know how they golf?  Kim Jong-Il released his golf scores, why can't the leader of the Free World?"

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