February 28, 2012

Vail on Just $10,000 a Day

The new budget travel guide from Michelle Obama, "Vail on Just $10,000 a Day", has just been released by FLOTUS Publishing. It is the latest in the First Lady's popular series of practical guides to traveling the world - without breaking the bank!

Travel with this interesting and fashionable mother of two. Experience her enlightening and breezy writing, organized by topic and put into familiar and easy-to-understand sections.

...Let'em eat cake! She explores fine eateries and gives helpful hints on what to have (Spoiler: it's not what she thinks your kids should be eating!). Useful for those times when your personal chef has the night off.

...See the sights Blend in with the locals, as only Michelle truly can.

...Shop 'til you Drop! While not everyone has the option of closing down entire stores to do their shopping, everyone can benefit from her useful advice on avoiding tourist traps and saving money.

...Downtime Kids are so much more than just props in photos. Sometimes, you want some time with them, too. Michelle always includes a few kid-friendly activities that are guaranteed to keep your youngsters happy (DISCLAIMER: not all sites mentioned are open to the public).

...Handling your staff Dos and don'ts on managing your security detail, assistants, fashion advisors, and all the rest.

Get your copy today!
Found wherever food stamps are accepted 
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New books come out about every 10 weeks, so check back often!

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