September 15, 2011

President's "Green Jobs" Predictions Likely True

Fremont, CA -- "The future is here" President Obama bravely declared back in May of 2010 when he toured solar panel manufacturer Solyndra. Eighteen months later, the company has declared bankruptcy after accepting more than a half billion dollars of taxpayer loan guarantees. Supporters now consider that comment further proof that the President's intelligence and leadership skills rank up there with the best US Presidents.

As syndicated NY Times columnist Jan Snerk wrote in her column yesterday "Reagan had 'Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall', Kennedy had his predictions about the space race, Roosevelt had 'Day of Infamy.' Predictions like these indicate keen insight into future events based on their knowledge of the human spirit, world events, and history. Now Obama has done the same thing, predicting that the poor business sense, wishful thinking, and corruption of 'green jobs' initiatives will end in bankruptcy - perhaps even bankruptcy of this nation. I said it before and I'll say it again - he is a genius."

Supporters also note that the President's abilities don't stop with mere talk. "He backs it up with actions, too," says Obama supporter Evan McKnuckles, of Suncook, New Hampshire. "He wasn't afraid to risk our taxpayer money on a shaky business put together and owned by one of his prominent financial supporters. That shows real initiative, as far as I'm concerned. It was only a small amount, maybe a buck fifty per taxpaying household, but this is just one of his many ventures into funding green jobs.  There are many more!"

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