July 20, 2010

NASA to Work With Muslim Nations on "Space Stuff"

"NASA is used to working in dangerous, extreme environments.  We think that is why the President wants us to start working with Muslim nations," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, clarifying an Al Jazeera interview he gave three weeks ago where he revealed NASA's new direction.

The region of the Middle East, whose last major contribution to the world's scientific advancement was the abacus in approximately 2700 BC, is not usually thought of as an effective partner for scientific endeavors. Nonetheless, President Obama has ordered NASA to partner with Muslim nations on space travel and make Muslim "outreach" their main focus, with a "close second" being space travel and exploration.

Following the news of NASA's new goals, Paramount executives released details of a new science fiction show entitled "Star Trek: Journey to the Middle East" which depicts highly trained officers from the elite NASA Peace Corps Academy traveling to where "no civilized man has gone before."  They dodge strange and illogical creatures intent on destroying them, while trying to provide food, clothing, and medicines.

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