June 22, 2010

Supreme Court Rules Against Aiding Terrorists

WASHINGTON, DC -- "This is an outrage. They have undermined my freedom to support murderers and thugs. Next, they'll rule you aren't allowed to send money and gifts to convicted felons in prison," says Patricia McFlem-Sahid incredulously, as she shakes her tiny fists.

She is the wife of Assan Sahid, who is being held in a Federal Penitentiary on weapons charges related to an attempt to murder bartenders at Martha's Vineyard in late 2008. Mrs. McFlem-Sahid was reacting to the Supreme Court decision this week that prevents US Citizens from providing material support to terrorists and terrorist organizations.  "They threw the book at my husband and locked him up for life without parole, and I now can't even send money to his family and business partners in Gaza."

A spokesperson for the Obama administration admitted that they see this decision as a setback to their policy of peaceful cohabitation with terrorists, and are considering ways to make the best of a bad situation. An unnamed aid stated "One way being considered is to take a long, hard look at the list of terrorist organizations. We've been making the case that these Tea Party folks and other rabid right-wingers should be on the list since 'Big B' took office. By the same token, some groups on the list should probably be taken off - peaceful but misunderstood organizations like The Al-Shazam Jew-killers Brigade, for instance. Their humanitarian wing teaches young Syrians how to play bingo - what could more peaceful than that?"

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