May 15, 2012

Economic Good News: Hate and Violence Production Up

Washington, DC – Further signs of the long-awaited US recovery were noted today by the US Department of Commerce, as the Hate Production and Racial Violence categories of the manufacturing sector showed strong year over year improvement.  According to the commerce website, the production of Hate is up 326% from this time last year.  Racial Violence has also shown strong recovery, with the subcategory of “Black Mobs Attacking Whites” leading the way, up 264% in that same time period.
Experts in the field can’t point to an exact cause, but agree that some credit goes to the Trayvon Martin incident.  Manufacturing expert Dr. Greg Portabano, of the University of Oregon, noted in an interview “The media and the race hustlers like (the Reverend Al) Sharpton, (the Reverend Jesse) Jackson, and the Black Panthers get a partial assist on this, since they really brought things to a fever pitch out there.  Saying white people are racist, white people are the cause of all the problems in the black community –the hyperbole, exaggeration, and outright lies have really helped the US produce some Hate.  You are seeing sections of the country now that don’t typically produce a lot of Hate really stepping up their game.  The increase in Violence and Crime are just added bonuses, although economists have noted for years that correlations exist between these economic sectors.  Mustn’t forget to give a lot of credit to the President and his Justice Department, who have done everything they can to help move this along.”
It is hoped that this increase in US Manufacturing will keep gaining steam and eventually cause companies to increase hiring.  Dr. Portabano feels this will happen.  “I am convinced this will help get people back to work – more hospital staff, nurses, and technicians will be needed.  A lot of long term rehab will be needed to get the victims put back together, in addition to surgeries to reconstruct faces and appendages.  You have the increased spending on medical supplies and equipment.  There is the supply side to think of, too: more police, prison guards, and EMTs.  Not to be too crass about it, but I just hope all this comes to pass in time for people to give President Obama the credit that he deserves at poll time in November.”

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